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Get Your Complimentary Editorial Package!

Complimentary Editorial

As one of the Top Brands in Furnishings, you deserve incredible editorial. So, we’re giving the Top 100 Brands a Complimentary Editorial Package. You’ll get industry coverage on one of our trade publications such as FurnitureMVP, LightingMVP, RugMVP, ArtMVP, etc. And, you’ll get local coverage on each of our publications for the 12 largest cities in the US including New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, etc. You’ll also get to help us choose the top designers & design projects in each of those cities. And, those designers will be submitting their projects that include your products.¬†Just fill out this contact form below to get started. We’ll contact you to get your latest images & product information. And remember, this is all complimentary.

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