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Editorial for Brands, Designers & Retailers


Build Editorial with Designers. Build Relationships with Designers!
Sure, we offer all of the traditional forms of editorial such as news, articles, reviews & interviews…as well as more coverage of High Point than all other publications put together! But, we also created a new type called Relationship Editorial. Connect with your clients & prospects by teaming up with us to give them editorial coverage & involving them in the editorial process. The goal is to have the top 1,000 interior designers & retailers actually interact with your brand at no cost to you or your clients. Yes, we offer upgrades & sponsorship; but, it’s never required.


An interior designer actively thinking about & engaging with your products is significantly more powerful than when they passively receive marketing materials.


You want interior designers to read about your products. But, designers are more likely to read articles about their own firms. Why not combine the two?


Interior designers love to know how much you respect their work. So, nominating them as one of the top interior designers in their city is the ultimate compliment.


Nominate interior designers to be an MVP in their city. They’ll compete in a series of online competitions that allow them to showcase their expertise including reviews of your products & how they use them in their design projects.  The winners will receive featured coverage on InteriorDesignMVP as well as the city  publication in their local market.


Your clients are experts in interior design. Our readers want to hear their recommendations. So, give interior designers the opportunity to tell our readers why they love your furnishings. They could write about their favorite pieces & how they would use them in designs. They could showcase their photos & reviews of your latest showroom.


Market showrooms are great. But, showing home owners how your furnishings are being used in actual homes is even more powerful. So, let’s show the home owners how your top interior designers use your furnishings. They can submit photos, articles & videos showing how they have utilized your products in the homes of their clients.


The top local interior designers will be selected by us & the top furniture brands we cover. The overall winners in each city will receive beautiful showrooms on that city publication. These showrooms can include photos & videos of their top design projects where they have utilized your products as well as their reviews of your products.


Higher Sales for Furniture Brands & Designers
Home owners see our incredible coverage of your latest products & love them. But, they don’t know where they can buy them. Let’s fix that by connecting that product profile with the top interior designers in each city on our city publications! Now, we have the ultimate result of completing the sales cycle. Your clients sell more of your products to their clients.
Everybody wins!


It’s Editorial Not Advertising
Our editorial team offers all of these opportunities to the top brands we cover as editorial. And we never charge for editorial or have any advertising requirements. It’s true editorial. You & your clients get great exposure. We get great content.


Reward Your Clients
While editorial is a valuable reward to give clients, you can give them even better exposure with upgraded profiles, featured content or even sponsorship. It promotes your brand & your clients at the same time. It’s likely the lowest cost branding you will do. Upgrade


Better Than Advertising
Regular ads give inflated traffic numbers at a massive price with hope a prospect might see your brand. Our platform gives you immediate 1 to 1 opportunities to build relationships & business with your clients & prospects at a really great price. Sponsor


Ready to work with our editors to build editorial coverage for your brands & clients? There’s no cost to get started. Contact us via email or follow the link below:
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